Maker’s Workshop Rewards

All these workshops represent great value. Keep in mind what each workshop might cost if taken through a City or continuing education program.

If you can’t decide which workshop to take, just take them all. Remember, the workshop passport gives full access to every workshop offered.

Learn To Solder – This reward puts the soldering iron in your hand, and the skills to solder electronic components on a printed circuitboard. Once complete you will have your very own Makey the robot pin, whose LED eyes blink with digital delight. All materials provided.

Screen Printing – This reward has you screen printing your own limited edition Maker Faire Calgary T-Shirt. More advanced screen printing workshops will also be available throughout the year. All materials provided.

Arduino – This workshop will take you through the basics of the popular Arduino micro controller and leave you with a good understanding of it’s many uses and with enough confidence to get you started on your own robot army. Bring your own Arduino or borrow one from us for the workshop.

3D Printing – This workshop will get you designing in three-dimensions and printing your creations in plastic. You will leave with a good understanding of the technology, what it may look like in the future, and how you can use it now maker your ideas real. All materials provided.

Wearable Technology – This workshop will have you explore the idea of possessing superpowers, and the reality that what we wear will, in the very near future, do just that. You will play with micro controllers, lights, and other readily available technology to gain a better understanding of what you can do right now to design superpowers tailored to you and your needs. No need to bring anything.

Electronics – This workshop will take you on a deep dive into electronic components. You will learn to identify them, know what they do, and leave with a good idea of when you may need a resistor, capacitor, or diode in a project. This isn’t a theory course. No, you will be using every component discussed to build circuits that work, or maybe don’t work, and then you make them work. Borrow materials for the workshop, with the option of buying at cost should you wish to keep them after.

Robotics – This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of hobby robotics. Learn the components needed to make various styles of robots through a very hands-on approach. You will program micro controllers to move motors and other actuators that respond to environmental sensors and change a robots behaviour accordingly to the rules you create.

Stamp Making – This workshop will introduce you to the fun of taking photos and turning them into rubber stamps. You will learn how using the most basic functions of photo editing software combined with the power of a laser engraver can prove to be hours of endless fun.

DSLR Photography – This workshop is for those who have access to a DSLR camera, but aren’t comfortable using the many settings they present. It’s through understanding all the settings that you will unlock the true power of these technological marvels and  take photos like never before.

Laser Cutting & Engraving – This workshop will put you in control of an industrial laser cutter that will take your ideas and carve them out of wood and plastic while you watch. You will learn how to design for laser output, how to setup the machine, and you will be operating it yourself for each of the designs you cut and engrave. All materials included.


If having fun while experiencing new things appeals to you then you’re ready. Simply select the reward matching how many workshops you wish to attend or gift. The process is quick, and the deal can’t be beat.


Delivery of Rewards: The way you register for workshops is with an access code we send you when the campaign closes. These will be emailed to you and will be formatted in such a way that if you did want to print and gift, you could do so with pride.

Passports: Passports will be physical booklets where you can collect unique stamps at the workshops themselves, but you still register for workshops using an access code, just that your special code gets you into to any and all workshops you choose to attend.

Workshop Locations: Each workshop is being hosted at a number of partner sites around Calgary. Our hope is to provide greater convenience to a wider audience, and also get you out and exploring all the unique maker hangouts our city has to offer.

Workshop Dates: Many workshops are repeated monthly, so if you can’t make it to one don’t worry as there will be others available. Some workshops, such as learn to solder, will be held multiple times a month for the entire year.

Workshop Materials: Many of the workshops include all the materials you require, whereas some loan materials and tools for use during the workshop. In most cases materials that are loaned can be purchased at or near wholesale cost. No workshop is being offered for the sole purpose of generating profit as all are in support of Maker Faire Calgary.

Workshop Capacity: The number of seats available for each workshop is set to provide you the best experience. Every workshop will indicate the available seats and are made available to you on a first come first served bases. If you forget to register, and a workshop fills, there will be a waiting list with campaign supporters having priority.

Workshop Questions: We would love to hear from you. Ask us anything about workshops, this campaign, Maker Faire Calgary, or anything maker.